HAVE YOU EVER WISHED you could find a therapist who would teach you the skills and tools to live your highest life in the most efficient and effective way?

HERE AT POSITIVE ENERGY COUNSELING CENTER our therapists are trained in combining the best tools from psychotherapy, life coaching, energy healing, science and spiritual counseling.  Our clients are treated as whole beings who deserve a holistic, intuitive approach. And we believe in doing FAR more than just talking about a problem- we have a plan for each client that uses the most modern tools to heal the physical, emotional, mental, behavioral, energetic, & spiritual aspects of life. Be sure to visit the How We’re Different page to learn more about our approach and philosophy.

COUNSELING SERVICES_________________________________________________

At Positive Energy Counseling Center, we know that adolescents need and deserve very specific counseling to help them grow, solve their challenges, and create their best lives.  All of our adolescent clients are treated by therapists who have the expertise, experience with, and affinity for working with young people.

Our adolescent therapists help young people with self-esteem, self-harming, depression, anxiety, substance use and sexuality/LGBT issues.  Therapists teach the young people the skills and tools they need to change their thoughts and beliefs, heal their moods and emotions, manage distress, be mindful and improve their relationships.  Adolescents with anxiety and depression are given a very specific program of tools to enable them to cure ruminating, worry, and negative thinking.

However, we don’t only help young people solve problems.  We teach them to master their thoughts, gain clarity and achieve life goals, manifest with their energy, mediate, create a vision board/statement for themselves, connect to their highest selves, develop their spirituality, and eliminate self-defeating  behaviors.  We find this action-oriented, self-growth approach to therapy (and also in our Positive Energy Life Coaching groups) makes seeing a therapist an exciting and energizing experience.

We happily work with parents to reinforce the changes the adolescent is making, and to heal the family system when there are issues that need shifting.


At Positive Energy Counseling Center, all of our therapists are trained in combining the best tools from traditional Psychotherapy, action-oriented Life Coaching, barrier-busting Energy Healing, empirical Science, and enlightening Spiritual Counseling. Our clients are treated as whole beings who deserve a holistic, intuitive approach.  And we believe in doing FAR more than just talking about a problem-  we have a plan for each client that uses the most modern tools to heal the physical, emotional, mental, behavioral, energetic, and spiritual aspects of life.  We are always learning the most cutting-edge techniques to get our clients to their desired goals.  Be sure to read about How We’re Different so that you know how Positive Energy Counseling Center is working hard to provide the most modern, effective therapy.

Plus, every client has the option of attending our meditation classes, self- growth and manifestation groups, or fast-tracking their progress by being a part of our Curing Anxiety and Depression classes.  Because we know that changing and growing into our best selves requires skills, tools, and the right reinforcement, we make sure our classes and groups compliment our client’s work in individual sessions to ensure huge success. Our philosophy is to not only help our client’s resolve their challenges, but to actually thrive into their best selves living amazing lives.

We know that special issues require specific treatment.
We have therapists who are experts in and special programs for the following issues:
DBT-INFORMED counseling
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) ENERGY HEALING Sessions for rapid change

GROUPS, WORKSHOPS, AND CLASSES___________________________________

People with anxiety and depression often lack the skills and tools needed to shift their worry minds, stop their ruminating, lift their moods, feel better in their bodies, and release negative energy.  During these classes, we teach attendees the advanced skills and tools needed to think and feel positively.  Every week attendees learn the physical, energetic, meditative, behavioral, cognitive, and spiritual techniques to feel content and happy.  We show people exactly how to create lives that energize them.  Check out the calendar of events for the next class.

In this group we tap into and capitalize on each person’s unique strengths and dreams, create vision boards, and gain clarity about what we want.  Attendees are then shown exactly how to achieve beyond their limits, meditate, tune into our soul’s purpose and intuition, and learn to manifest with their energy.   These groups are typically 3 months in length and attendees usually ask to keep going.  The longest running Positive Energy Life Coaching group has been 10 years running!   Check out the calendar of events to learn more!

Anyone – even you can learn how to feel at peace; reduce chronic pain; heal your body and addictions; let go of negative thoughts; live a more meaningful life; connect with your soul, intuition and guides; and gain clarity with an open heart. Our meditation classes will show you how. Meditation for Beginners, Advanced Deep Meditations, and Issue-Specific meditations (healing the physical body and pain, connecting with guides and angels, attracting love meditations, etc are offered).  Or drop-in during one of our Open Meditation times to meditate with others or on your own.  Check out our calendar of events to join us!

We have a variety of meditation, spiritual, metaphysical, intuition, energy, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) , and manifestation classes to help our clients achieve a more peaceful, empowered, happy, fulfilling lives.  Check out our calendar of events to register!

THE SOUL CURE FOR ANXIETY___________________________________

We live in an “imperfect” world filled with joy and beauty…and pain and suffering. Can we be calm, cool, and connected to our highest selves– no matter what happens in life?

When life doesn’t cooperate with our idea of what we want, and when we want it, most of us become stressed. In fact, being stressed, worried, or anxious is so commonplace that it is the “new normal” in our culture. But anxiety is not the enemy. Instead, it is a “calling” for your life and soul. It means it’s time to learn how to be in the flow of life, to grow into your highest self, and to expand your consciousness. Which one sounds most like you?

  • Are you someone who gets aggravated by life’s challenges? Do you lose your patience or feel you have to control or steer life? Do you worry about others?
  • Or do you have a chronic, low-grade anxiety, ruminating negative thoughts or trouble sleeping? Do you avoid or procrastinate?
  • Or do you suffer from acute anxiety attacks? Do they make you feel like you are having a heart attack or going crazy? Is anxiety preventing you from fulfilling roles or being your best?



Ever wish you and your friends could celebrate milestones, kick off the new year, or have a girl’s night by doing something really different?  We can hold a self-growth event for your group that includes super-fun activities like creating vision boards, gaining life clarity, meditating and connecting with guides, doing angel card readings, identifying your life purpose, and declaring big life-stretching goals to be your best self. It’s the perfect blend of profound and hysterical, deep yet fun, spiritually mind-stretching while also being accessible and comfortable.  Who parties at a counseling center?  WE DO!  Contact us to find out how we can help your group laugh their way into a better life.

CORPORATE GROWTH EVENTS_________________________________________

We all know that the happier your staff, the more effective they will be at their job.  And what does it take to be more joyful at work?  The ability to be resilient, have gratitude, to reduce stress, to feel meaning and purpose, to release drama and go with the flow, to communicate effectively. and to see the higher picture in the everyday minutia. We love teaching businesses and employees about how think positively, to cure the fear-bases anxious response to life, and to connect in with their highest selves. This results in a much more satisfying work life for everyone that translates into less attrition, more productivity, and higher revenues.   Contact us to discuss how we can help your work place evolve into a more positive, joyful, satisfying environment and team.

MEDITATION GARDEN___________________________________________________

Clients are welcome to visit our super peaceful mediation garden in our backyard whenever the counseling center is open. When you visit, you are welcome to simply sit quietly and mediate on your own.  Or you can choose to follow the beautiful 4-step guided meditation practice that will help you to connect and align.  There are 4 stations- 1) RELEASE 2) GRATITTUDE 3) CREATION & 4) LISTENING- that each have a symbolic practice to help you deepen your experience.   This practice will enable you to quiet your mind, gain clarity, and intentionally manifest what you want.

Drop by for a little slice of peace, heaven, and connection.  You deserve it!