“I have been in therapy most of my life and it helped me, but it wasn’t until I got the help from Beth and her team that I felt like I was actually healing my CPTSD. I have seen both Beth and one of her team members since 2019. The combination of holistic therapy, life coaching and clinical social work that they do here is like nothing I have ever experienced before. My weekly sessions have been such an integral part of how I can manage my every day life as well as being a health care professional and business owner. She’s helped me get through a long an emotional divorce, and also has given me guidance for raising my two boys and setting healthy boundaries for myself and for them. Since I am also a health care professional, I refer my patients to Beth and her team quite often because I know that what they do here is life changing, and they have contributed to helping not only my own life, but several of my patients lives. I am so grateful for this practice.” -E.M. 

“I am beyond grateful to have found Positive Energy Counseling as they were highly recommended. I have gone to therapy for 20 years and never experienced the care and consideration like I have here. I am learning new ways of being that are healthy and helping me create the life I want. I feel safe, comforted and advised from a caring and educated professional. I wish everyone could experience the level of care I have received here. Kristina has specifically been extraordinary and is teaching me so much on so many levels. She is incredibly intelligent, patient and compassionate. I cannot recommend Kristina and this practice enough.” – M.C

“We have nothing but amazing things to say about our experience with this counseling center and our therapist, Erin. The atmosphere of Positive Energy Counseling is so welcoming and calming from the waiting room to the therapist’s office. We highly recommend this practice if you are looking for a therapist to help you to set goals for the future that will help you to reach greater satisfaction and ultimately happiness with your life.”- M.W.


“I have been to dozens of therapists and professionals over the years, all very cookie cutter and unhelpful in their techniques. Kristina Scaglione has been a breath of fresh air and my sessions with her have been vastly different from all my previous experiences. She is warm, professional, nonjudgmental and has an arsenal of unique techniques up her sleeves to deal with any possible issue in the most effective way possible.”- A.A.

“I can’t say enough about Positive Energy Counseling! Beth is an amazing therapist who provides practical, meaningful feedback and various meditative strategies. She is knowledgable and a consummate professional!”- K.B.

“I have been working with Beth Miller for over 15 years. Working with her has helped me improve all areas of my life and has supported me through some of my darkest days. She has not only helped me through very difficult times but has also provided me with the skills and encouragement I needed to pursue a more fulfilling life. Beth has so much knowledge and experience in her field. She offers so many different approaches to her clients which sets her practice apart from the rest that just offer traditional therapy. Whether you’re going through a major life crisis, or simply just wanting to live a more gratifying life, Beth knows exactly how to guide you. She is a huge part of how I got to where I am today and she has helped me grow tremendously as an individual.”  -C.G. 

“I’ve been a patient here for years and cannot begin to express how much Beth and her team have helped me. Positive Energy is more than just counseling…it’s educational. They teach you tools that are applied to daily life – from work to relationships and everything in between. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to improve themselves, overcome challenges, and learn skills to create a better life.” -L.B. 

“I see Erin Werner, LMHC at this practice currently, for approx 1.5 years to date. After three years of my consistent therapy journey through several different practices including several NPs, counselors/ therapists throughout Suffolk County, I have absolutely found my therapy home. Erin has given me consistent focus helped me heal through childhood and adult experiences and given me the support and flexibility, kindness, and discipline necessary for me to “do the work”. The practice does not accept insurance but helps with everything necessary for insurance reimbursement, and makes it very easy to do so by providing all forms and signatures needed promptly. As someone with mental health insurance, I choose to pay out of pocket just to come to this special healing place. The intake coordinators were so helpful and caring and kind, and I consider this place a sanctuary. Every time my footsteps cross the doorway I can feel my body heart and mind sighing in a breath of relief. Thank you to all who work here for your continued dedication to us. Would recommend to ANYONE looking to grow and expand their healing journey, or looking for guidance to find and meet all the joy and satisfaction in every day with grace. Come here to let your thoughts create things, come here to train your vibrations and create your new reality 💕💕” – L.B.

“Advanced Holistic Counseling is awesome…Something feels shifted inside of me. I am living in joy now! I tell everyone how different the therapy you do is. I hope they all call you!”- C.M.

Kristina you have been so influential in my life! You have such a beautiful soul. You have helped me so much, I feel AMAZING with the work that we do!’ C.C.

“I have already learned and changed more in JUST 3 sessions with you than I did in over 10 years of therapy.”- F.N.

“My past experiences in therapy pale in comparison. Thank you for your interactive style and all of the actual tools you have taught me. I now know how to be happy and create what I want for the rest of my life!”-L.B.

“You have been my light in the darkness through my journey. Your teachings I will always be grateful for. Your counseling style has literally transformed my life.”- M.L.

“Thank you so much for the therapy and energy work you did with me. I am so thrilled this problem has dissolved and been replaced by joy and freedom!” -A.M.

“What I treasure most about Beth is her intuition and second sense. Her calmness. It’s amazing. Where would I be without her? Adrift!”-K.M.

“Beth, I don’t know where to start.  You have helped me in ways you can’t even imagine.  I think the fact that you are so intuitive is a great skill you bring to therapy.  Not every therapist can tune in like you, I want you to know that our sessions not only heal me beyond what I ever expected, but blow me away. I did not expect to come in the other day and hear from my brother.  The message you gave from him was spot on (even his personality was right on!).  Thank you, thank you.  Also, the fact that you are both so grounded-  but also that you bring EFT, energy work, and spirituality- to our sessions has created huge breakthroughs for me.  I’m actually living the life we create in my Life Vision.   I would never want to go to a “regular” counselor after all of the special ways you have helped me.” J.J.

“I appreciate Kristina’s  positive mentality and her approach to problem solving (which is always personal and tailored to techniques that she knows will resonate with my needs), and I am so grateful to her holistic approach to healing. It goes hand in hand with my personal lifestyle and my own ideas about health, both physical and mental. Kristina has opened me up to a wide array of techniques and tricks to help me cope with major life changes, anxieties, difficult relationships, and self-esteem issues; she has helped me navigate through each new phase of my life with grace, confidence, and care. I trust Kristina completely, I owe her a lot, and I would surely recommend her to anyone searching for help in any way whatsoever!”- A.P.  


“I had a wonderful and transformative experience during my time with Erin as my therapist.  Erin is extremely warm and kind.  She makes talking through hard things easy.  I felt comfortable with Erin the moment I met her.  She has a great way of truly validating my emotions and thoughts and would frequently circle back and help me realize things I did not before.  I highly recommend Erin as she helped me find my voice, become confident, and work through my feelings.  I also loved that she helped me create a vision statement and by the end of my time in therapy, everything in my vision statement came true because of her guidance.” D.L.


“Beth, Just wanted to let you know that you really are the best therapist I have ever encountered and I just wanted you to know that you do it right.  I was taking a DBT class elsewhere and I just want you to know how skillful and effective you were at helping us in group. What a difference.”  S. M.


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being an amazing therapist. You are truly a wise woman and I am fortunate to work with you. I feel that I have grown a lot over the past 2 years and am gaining much insight into issues I want to work on. With your guidance, I am able to look at these issues with a different set of “eyes” and see them from another angle – one that will hopefully move toward the changes that I want. I also want to thank you for holding me accountable – in a positive way – and not letting me talk my way around difficult issues – which I can do with others (another defense to being vulnerable). Traditional therapy would not have worked for me – incorporating the spiritual aspect of life with facets of traditional therapy – is what really resonates with me. Thanks for everything.”- M.W.


“Hey Beth! I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for being my ‘psychic psychotherapist.”  You not only teach me the tools that I need to improve my life,  but your ability to be intuitive about what I really need is such a gift.  You always get to the heart of the matter right away.  Sometimes I don’t even know what I want to talk about, but when I leave you I know it got exactly what I needed!   I tell everyone about you! Ps thanks for helping me connect with my angels and guides!”


“Kristina has not only been my lifeline the past couple of months through my melodrama, but more importantly, has given me more tools and methods than I could possibly need for my internal awakening. I have come from consistent internal chatter and self-deprecation to appreciation of my unique being and the ability to conquer any internal/external issue. Kristina has stood by my side with caring arms yet has pushed me to levels I would have never have thought to be at by this point in my life”.-  T.J.


“I didn’t know the value of having a therapist, coach, energy healer, and spiritual counselor all rolled up into one  until I met Beth.  She has made a big difference in my life!”- Vivian

“Dear Beth, I feel truly blessed to have found you. I believe in people coming into your life when you need them most, and that happened for me.  I have said it before but love having the opportunity to say it again, you a true healer in every sense of the word. Your work is above and beyond (and yes, take that both ways!). I have been grateful to know you are always on the cutting edge of different healing modalities and philosophies and apply them to what ever is ailing me at the time.  I think you are very connected spiritually as well and use divine guidance as one of the major tools in your toolbox.

Your work with me has kept me balanced and for the most part, sane!   I always feel the compassion you have for me as a client and a fellow spirit.  Never have I felt judged for the vulnerability I cannot show others.  For most of us, that is a very big deal.  We all need that safety zone to work things out. You are that for me. You continually teach me to take care of myself, physically, emotionally and spiritually. That is true gift.  As are you.”

– J.S.

“I can honestly say that I am so lucky that I have Kristina as my therapist. I have been to several therapist, and she is by far the best I have ever worked with. Kristina has such a different approach to helping me. She has taught me the use of so many tools different tools that were never offered before by past therapist. Grounding, breathing, meditation ,mindfulness, and EFT and so many more techniques than that. I really look forward to my time spent with Kristina every week. She’s truly is dedicated to helping me through my problems. I think of Kristina not just as my therapist, but a true confidant. Thanks Kristina for all the help and support you give me.”


“I have worked with Beth for a while now.  She is one of the most talented, unique therapists I know and have had the privilege to work with!  I have been able to work on so many different levels and get at deep core issues, some of which have been around for a lifetime!  Beth is truly gifted in her ability to help you draw out new insights and apply new approaches to various issues in your life.  Beth’s background in Social Work, therapy, life coaching and energy work, allow for a positive and unique approach to life’s challenges.  Beth uses a variety of “tools” including visualizations – of how you want your life and relationships to be and new ways to positively frame your thoughts and feelings.  Beth is very knowledgeable about various spiritual traditions and beliefs, and helps you to incorporate spirituality into your growth work if you choose to. Beth validates who you are and the hard work you put into making positive changes in your life.  I have had a phenomenal experience participating in therapy with Beth and look forward to continuing my personal growth journey with her.  I have recommended her to many friends and family members and will continue to do so!”- C.D.


“Kristina has not only been my lifeline the past couple of months through my melodrama, but more importantly, has given me more tools and methods than I could possibly need for my internal awakening. I have come from consistent internal chatter and self-deprecation to appreciation of my unique being and the ability to conquer any internal/external issue. Kristina has stood by my side with caring arms yet has pushed me to levels I would have never have thought to be at by this point in my life”.-  J.M.


“I cannot say enough about how Beth has increased my confidence as a spiritual and human being.  Her techniques, including EFT and energy healing have helped me to overcome some difficult times in my life as well as improved my awareness of myself, my needs and my strengths.  She has a way of tapping into the root of the issue quickly, and in a calm, peaceful, and perceptive way.  I walk away from each session with a fresh look on life and a “knowing” that I have the ability to make the positive changes necessary to not only be happy, but to go beyond, out of my comfort zone and be the best version of me that I can be.”- Jen 


“I saw Beth once a week for a while and had a phenomenal experience.  She helped change my life at a time I was really low. I was referred to her through a friend and was a bit nervous about going to talk with someone, but I was having terrible anxiety and needed to find a solution that didn’t rely on medication.  Beth helped teach me how to deal with it, recognize what truly was causing it, and how to let it go. Over time the anxiety disappeared. She helped me get my life back in order, and I was smiling again. I would, and do, recommend her to anybody who needs a little help finding the right direction in there life, or to someone who is having serious problems with anxiety or severe emotional pain.  Take the step to change your life. it’s well worth it.”- Laura


“Dear Beth, Thank you for the presentation you did for us.  Everyone is still buzzing about it.  You have a compassionate and non-judgmental nature that makes people feel comfortable but are also so informative, direct, dynamic and exciting.   We all felt like we had been expanded just by your presence.  We can’t wait for our next workshop with you.”- K.M.


“After many therapists that were not trained in dealing with my issues and no one seeming to care, I found you and was blessed to have you as my therapist and coach.  You have the heart, mind, and soul to help people.-K.M


” You’ve taken me from the lowest depths to such heights of accomplishment. To do the work I do and feel confident and at peace with doing my best. To be a listener and presence for others and not constantly running with judgment or intense anxiety about being judged or reprimanded. Having healed and forgiven so much and repaired relationships, and pushed through so much self-limitation and self-punishment to this life of continuous self-improvement through joy and gratitude. I feel so blessed to have learned so many skills and I continue to learn from you all this time. And I especially thank you for honoring my religious/spiritual beliefs and helping me to always re-align myself to my values. Thank you for everything. You are a gift to us all.”SK


“Your deep probing and persistent questions constantly pushed me to know myself better.  You gave me the room to think aloud and had a great ability to put my thoughts in a nutshell, thereby allowing me to be clear about what I wanted and how to go about it.“- Maya


“Working with Beth has been a pure gift.  I was traumatized as a child and have suffered most of my life with the effects of this trauma.  Beth knew how to successfully move me through the healing process.  She has taught me skills to navigate situations which were previously impossible for me and how to handle emotions I never knew I even felt.  She has coached me through many hard places and has maintained a positive approach.  Beth stands on the forefront of therapeutic methodology and as she updates and shares her knowledge, her clients move right along with her.”-E.L.


“I’ve been in therapy for over 20 years.  The last few with Beth Miller as my therapist have been my most productive.  Not only has she taught me the skills and tools needed to cope with everyday life, she has given me encouragement and direction.  This has lead me to self-discovery and a meaningful and purposeful life.  She has truly been inspirational and given me an opportunity to move forward.  Words can never express how much she has helped my family and me.”- Karen


“Beth, this process is awesome…Something feels shifted inside of me.  I am living in joy now!”-C.M.


“This is a note of gratitude for all of your help in guiding me through this journey of getting to know myself better.  In the past 12 weeks I  have learned to meditate, to observe and let go of my thoughts, to connect with my higher self, to love myself, to notice all of the synchronicities in  my life, to understand my emotions, the “absolute yes” list which has helped me in ways you will never know, the “Room of possibilities” meditation. I am extremely grateful to you and this group. “-J.B.


“This email is for an extraordinary, amazing woman and therapist. She has, in a sense, saved the lives of women at risk from the brink of disaster.  I highly recommend anyone- woman, man, or child- to make greatest investment that each of us can make- our own mind and souls- by following her guidance.”– M.R.

“What I treasure most about Beth is her intuition and second sense.  He calmness.  It’s amazing.  Where would I be without Beth?  Adrift….”-K.M.


“I just wanted you to know that I feel so inspired when I leave you.  You have made a real difference in my life.  I may be a allow work in progress but I am definitely getting somewhere and I owe a lot of that to you!  Thank you so much!”-L.W.


“Beth, Coming to you have changed my life tremendously.  I’ve made some big changes.  I realized this over the weekend when I found myself talking to my friend the way you talk to me and saw how my views about myself and life have changed.   Thank you so much!” -Jenn


“After an exhaustive search for a new therapist, I spoke with you and we scheduled a meeting.  You asked me to tell my story and at the end you said to me “Your story sounds similar to the stories of people I work with. I think I can help you.”  I began to feel safe right then and I believe I have finally found someone who really would help me.”–E.L.


“I read my “Life Script” this morning that we wrote in June and WOW, WOW, WOW!  It’s unbelievable that what I wrote I wanted is now true in my career, friendships, children, my appreciation of what I have and see around me, my spirituality!  I didn’t think it was possible, but I am amazed.  Thank you for sharing tis process with me.  I feel that my life is going beyond what I actually expected, it is absolutely wonderful!  Thank you!”- R.P.


“Just a quick note to thank you so very much for all of your help.  I feel so great about where my life is going and attribute so much of it to the direction and structure you have provided. I am so grateful to have you in my life!”-K.M.


“Beth, I can’t express how much you have helped me on my journey to a “true” self.  All of your ideas, your releasing activities, and interesting workshops have really helped in more ways that I honestly thought they would. Have a great day!”– Danielle


“Beth, I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed the group class. I would do it again in a heartbeat and I recommend you to everyone highly.  You are a delightful woman and you are results oriented, which is key.  You truly believe and “love” what you teach.  You are honest and forthright about the benefits and hard work involved in growing.  If I had to sum it up I would use the word “enlightening”. I had no idea of the depth and potential I was going to tap into.  I live more in the present now…I have an energized, positive outlook…I create my life deliberately…I have learned so many skills and tools it’s amazing!  Thank you, thank you.”– Lisa


“My past experiences in therapy pale in comparison.  Thank you for your interactive style and positive advice.“–L.B.


“I’ve had 4 other therapists over the past 20 years and you are the best by far.  You are very talented.  I would like to take the time to recognize all of the hard work you have done to branch out surpass the typical work of talk therapy.  You think outside of the box and have pursued so many kinds of training. I have great hope in my life because of you.  Thank you…”-G.K.


“Within a very brief time of working with you, an old issue that I have been chipping away at with little success began to dissolve and melt away, leaving me feeling strong, empowered, and with beaucoup reserve and energy.  I am so pleased with the process with you-  by focusing on my strengths, vision, and desires, I feel a tide of transformation moving me along.  I am grateful!”- J.H.


“Thank you so much for the time you took with me and the support you have me. I hope that I absorbed even a small part of your knowledge and skill.  You are an amazing woman and an extremely gifted therapist.”Joanna


“Working with Beth has been life-changing. I have grown in so many ways and I have been able to sort out a number of issues, some of which have been very difficult. Due to Beth’s genuine and compassionate nature as well as her vast amount of knowledge and deep wisdom, I have made great strides in many areas of my life. Incorporating the best of traditional therapy with an intuitive and spiritual approach through the use of many different modalities has helped me view myself and the world around me in a new light. I always come away from our sessions wiser, stronger and empowered to make the changes I want in my life.”-Marie J.

“Dear Beth, I wanted to let you know that my child is now having a tremendous school year after seeing you.  She has made major improvements.  I am recommending my friend to you as we speak.  Thank you!” M.M.

“Beth, thank you for including me in your group. I am so honored. I left last night feeling completely energized about my future and the growth that I am experiencing with you and I have an absolutely amazing mediation. Thank you for guiding me on this journey!”-R.P.

“Dear Beth, you are ahead of your time.  I feel grateful to have crossed paths and learned form you.  I hope to use the knowledge wisely. Thank you for your help and guidance!”–Maria


“You have been my light in the darkness through my journey.  Your teachings I will always be grateful for.”M.L.


“Dear Beth, I wanted to write and tell you how grateful I was for our session yesterday.  Not a comfortable discussion for me but of course very enlightening and helpful!  You are really good at this and I bless God for sending you to me.”–M.K.


“Thank you for everything you have done for me. I’ve learned a lot from you over the past year.  If it wasn’t for you I would probably still feel insane!”-C.G.


“Beth Miller is a wonderful group leader-  she stays on top of what is going on in her field and in other related fields as well and brings that information to us. She is an excellent facilitator and speaker. Her presentations and groups are always exciting, interesting, dynamic, and different.  I can’t thank her enough for the wisdom she has shared with me.”–E.


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