How To Tame The Horrible Thoughts That Wake You Up (or keep you from sleeping)

I recently had some great opportunities to learn what tools work best to help you fall back asleep. I was woken up in the middle of the night by ruminating, ugly, anxious thoughts and this tool did the trick. It also works if you are having trouble falling asleep because you worrying or thinking too much instead of sailing off to slumber-land.

So my scenario went like this: I was sleeping and was awoken by thoughts about an issue I had that day. I had gone to bed angry (always a bad idea!) over an unresolved issue that happened that day with a loved one. Images and thoughts about the challenge we had flooded my mind, which of course filled me with all of the associated unpleasant emotions. If I remember back, I think I was dreaming about the scenario and then woke up engaged in all of the judgement I had about them (for doing what they did) and me (for not being able to let it go). I was mad, and ashamed, and frustrated, and sad, and did I mention tired because I should have been sleeping instead of thinking and feeling?

So here is what I did and it worked like a charm. I started thinking this repetitive thought:

I love and accept (the other persons’s name), and I love and accept myself.” Every time I had a thought about the incident, I just said that mantra over and over in my mind. After a short while, I was able to drift back to sleep, thank goodness. And wouldn’t you know it? In the morning, I sent a kind and loving text to my loved one, and they sent me one right back. I’m betting I changed my energy about the situation with that mantra by pouring the love of acceptance all over it, and voila!: the situation smoothed itself out.

I gave this suggestion to a client of mine and here’s how it worked for her. She had been dieting and doing well but recently succumbed to a few alcoholic drinks, which lowered her resistance to junk food, and binged on several snacks before bed. In the middle of the night she woke up with terrible thoughts about all of the weight she had gained, the traction she had lost. She was filled with regret, shame, self judgment, and fear of weight gain. She immediately remembered the concept and mantras I had taught her and she began repeating in her own mind

“I love and accept myself. I release this to spirit. I AM 123 pounds.”

What she did here was to not only put love and acceptance on the situation, but she released the worry about it, and then CLAIMED the reality she still wanted to live (to be at her goal weight).

How did it work? Marvelously. She was able to fall back asleep after a few minutes and woke up feeling promising and optimistic. She accepted her human-ness and went about her day. Would you believe the binge didn’t affect her weight loss targets for the week at all? I sure do because I know that’s exactly how energy works. Did you know loving yourself helps with weight loss?

So here’s the trick: when you wake up in the middle of the night or can’t turn off the ruminations that are keeping you from falling asleep, flood your mind with a loving mantra. Make it something like “I love and accept myself”, “All is well and I sent light and love to everyone”, “My life is filled with beauty”, or “Love, love, love”.

Please Send me your experiences after you use this one- I just LOVE to hear about how these tools work for you!

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