Ego Versus Enlightenment: Is the old you blocking who you are trying to become?

So you’ve been consciously evolving for a while now, trying everyday to be a better version of yourself. If you are anything like my clients or me, your work is paying off and you are making some traction. And even if you are hard on yourself, even if you don’t give yourself enough credit, chances are you know you are handling things differently than you have in the past. Hooray and go you!

But you may notice a strange phenomena. Have you ever felt like your old self was calling you backwards, or blocking you from moving forwards? I recently had 3 different clients that I helped with this common issue. Read on if you want to win the inner battle between your ego and your enlightenment.

One of my clients, Janet, had a resurgence of a physical problem she had dealt with in the past. When I asked her to dive deeply into her intuition and take a guess about what was causing it to crop up again, her instincts were right on target. “I feel like the cellular memory of who I was in the past is sabotaging the success I am about to have.” She was right on. After years of hard inner work, she had turned some major corners and was authentically achieving the success and self-love she desired. She was finally feeling capable and non-defective, and was doing awesome in all areas of life as a result. And them, bam. Her body starts to stall her progress.

Another client, Renee, had been depressed a good portion of her younger life. But she learned to replace depression with being authentic, creative, artistic, and living “out loud” spiritually. That is, until recently when she began to feel lost and unsure of herself, which brought on feelings of depression. It turns out that she was outgrowing the healing and creative work she had been doing the last few years but didn’t know what would fill it’s shoes. She didn’t know who or what she was being called to be or do- and this made her feel scared. So what happened? Her old autopilot emotion, depression, took over.

And yet another client, Laura, was has achieved lightyears of personal work and growth, recently collapsed into anxiety and depression because she didn’t feel confident in her profession. She began to wonder if she would ever feel capable in her career. What did this do to her? It brought on her old friends anxiety and depression, her emotional comfort zone from the past, that whisper in her ear that she will never really be able to handle life.

What is happening in all three cases, and perhaps for you as you progress towards your highest self, is that two identities are battling for your attention and future. The old ego is doing what it does best- when it feels fear it tries to get you to retreat and be a smaller version of yourself. It will do this by reuniting you with the old problems you used to have- anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, physical problems, overeating, overspending, self judgment, isolating- in an effort to keep you from moving forward. Why would it do such a thing? Because it wants to keep you safe. The ego is worried that if you keep going- if you strive for more success, abort your old self to open up to a new one, or take risks- you might fail or get hurt. So it tries to call you back to when you were too injured or frail or incapable to keep you from taking risks. It tells you that you can’t succeed, can’t be too big, aren’t cut out for the dreams you have, or are too flawed. It will assure you that giving up is a better option.

Meanwhile, your enlightened self is also calling you. The part of you that feels confident, is willing to go for it, and is excited for a change. This part of you is connected to Source Energy just enough to feel capable of shedding the old beliefs that have made you less than what you are.

This battle that happens within is so unconscious, you might barely even notice it. But that’s what’s happening when you are close to your goal weight and you start binging again, or when you create chaos around you when life starts to feel too good. This battle is at play when you are about to make a big successful move at work and somehow you sabotage the process. This inner fight happens when you hide your talents instead of showing them to the world.

If you desire to keep turning towards a more enlightened path, here’s how to help defeat that ego:

KNOW THAT IT’S NORMAL:  You are just like everyone else. We all have our glass ceilings. The ego will try to keep you from breaking though. It is a very good sign that you are reaching a transformation if you are feeling scared.

LOVE IT INTO SUBMISSION:  That’s right- talk to it like the scared child it is. When you are showing signs of going backwards instead of forwards, tell your ego that it is safe to succeed, to feel confident, to go for your dreams, to take the next step. Assure it that you can handle taking the risk and you can do it.  I’m serious, actually talk out loud.  It works.

ENEGY WORK AND BREATH:  EFT Tapping is a huge helper in scenarios like this. For one client, I gave her a very specific algorithm just for her issues. But here is a more general EFT tapping that is sure to raise your confidence and belief in yourself. Do it everyday and you will be amazed at the results. And breathe for goodness sakes! This will make room for you to observe the ego and choose the path to your greatness instead. You and your enlightened self are worth it. You deserve everything that is waiting for you.

Beth Miller, LCSW-R, CEC, CAHC is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Life Coach, energy healer, meditation teacher, and spiritual counselor in private practice in Bayport, Long Island, New York, USA. She is the owner of the group practice POSITIVE ENERGY Holistic Counseling & Institute where she and her fabulous team of therapists use the breakthrough model Advanced Holistic Counseling & Coaching™ to create transformational change in their clients. Beth is the creator of the trademarked Advanced Holistic Counseling & Coaching™: Modern therapy that combines the very best of traditional psychotherapy with life coaching, energy healing, science, and spirituality. Now, Licensed Therapists, Healers, and Coaches can learn how to experience huge transformation in themselves, their clients, and their careers by becoming Certified in Advanced Holistic Counseling & Coaching™.  For free holistic and psychotherapy tools, visit the POSITIVE ENERGY Holistic Counseling & Institute YouTube channel, or contact us directly via phone at 631-533-0708 or email at