Communicate Deeper with your Angels & Guides

8-Week Intensive with Beth Miller, LCSW, CEC

Monday Evenings February 24-April 13, 2020
7:30 – 9:15/9:30 p.m.

Do you want to know more about angels and guides?
Do you wish you could “hear” their guidance more clearly and trust your connection?

In the spring 2019, Beth Miller’s 1-night workshop “Connecting with your Angels and Guides” sold out and got enthusiastic reviews . Since then, she has received many inquiries from people asking how they can learn more. In Fall 2019, she taught a 4-week intensive “Learn To Communicate With Your Angels and Guides” which extended to 8-weeks and then to 12 because many of the participants wanted to continue having fun receiving cosmic guidance.

“Learn To Communicate Deeper With Your Angels and Guides” is the best way for anyone who wants to do a “deeper dive” into the practical, technical, mystical, energetic, and spiritual methods to communicate with Light Beings.

Angels and Guides are always helping you, whether you are aware of it or not.  However, you can receive FAR MORE guidance, synchronicities, information, and intentional communication with your “Spiritual Support Team”….if you know the best tools and tricks 😊

In this workshop you will learn more about how to hear, feel, see, know, and sense “Energetic Beings”.  You will discover how to develop a relationship that you can trust.  We will be practicing tools to ground energy, discover our inner “tuning forks”, develop “discernment” about information, hone our intuition, and experience healing meditations with guides each evening.

Life is so much more enjoyable and easier to trust when you can connect spiritually.

This 8-week series from Feb-April 2020 will be somewhat different from 2019’s classes. Beth designed the curriculum for this intensive to not only help people connect with their Angels and Guides, but also to help with an issue many people are experiencing right now. She’s noticed that even though a NEW year and a NEW DECADE has begun, people are having trouble breaking free of 2019….and are lacking clarity and inspiration about 2020. There is an subtle energy dragging down the promise of 2020, almost as if people are still recovering from the previous year. Because of this, the enthusiasm and inspiration about 2020 has been dampened and it’s been hard for people—even those who normally feel inspired— to tap into the clarity and big excitement they deserve.

In this 8-week intensive, Beth will not only be teaching attendees how to connect more deeply with their Angels and Guides, but will also focus on releasing the energy of the past and connecting with a fresh, inspired, powerful vision about 2020. In this series, you will receive guidance and healing from your Cosmic Support Team to help you make changes and create a 2020 that brings you true happiness and positive success!

For new attendees, rest assured that there will be a review of the most important fundamentals that were covered in previous classes. For experienced attendees, this review will help you reboot your spiritual connection (which has probably taken a hit over the last month 😉 ) and will enable you take the information you “know” and transform it into intelligence that is becoming an intrinsic part of you.

As an added benefit, each week Beth teaches “grounding” skills, meditation, visualization, and “clearing” exercises so that participants are also learning how to meditate and be mindful simply by attending this series. Also, Beth also sends out a free bonus audio recording of the meditation from each class! This free bonus perk gives you guidance to help you meditate on your own at home- which most people find extremely helpful 🙂

Because these workshops typically sell out and are only given periodically, if you are interested please register asap!

Positive Energy Counseling Center
597 Middle Rd Bayport NY 11705
Beth Miller, LCSW-R, CEC
Clinical Director and Owner, Positive Energy Counseling Center
Creator of Advanced Holistic Counseling: A new model of modern therapy that combines the best of psychotherapy, life coaching, energy healing, science, and spiritual counseling
Every Monday night 7:30-9:15/9:30
Feb 24-April 13, 2020

Weeks 1-4 (2/24, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16): $179
Weeks 5-8 (3/23, 3/30, 4/6, 4/13) $179
Weeks 1-8 (2/24 – 4/13) $349 (save $50) Approx $40 per 2-hr class)

Weeks 1-4 (2/24, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16): $199
Weeks 5-8 (3/23, 3/30, 4/6, 4/13) $199
Weeks 1-8 (2/24 – 4/13) $359 (save $40)


Choose week:

Questions?  Email  Beth Miller at  We are excited to have you with us! Our workshops get great reviews and we look forward to learning with you.  You will receive a follow-up email confirming your registration and giving you any details you will need.  Sorry, registration is non-refundable within 7 days of the workshop.


“The class was WONDERFUL. I loved every second and can’t wait for next week’s session. I’m thrilled to have the audio also!!! I can’t thank you enough for this awesome experience!!!” —J.B.

“I just wanted to say that Monday’s meeting was really awesome. I went into it pretty anxious but it was a really great experience! I found it to be a perfect mix of instruction, interaction and meditation. The energy in that room was pretty intense during the meditation (at least for me lol). My guides were super responsive about what the best next steps were…and when I asked what else I need to know I received some advice which I have been ignoring.  For the first time, I now feel comfortable scheduling it. They assured me that I will be just fine.  Thank you for for a wonderful evening and such great instruction!”C.M.

“Hello Beth!  Thank you for a great class last night!  I want you to know that I appreciate the work you’re doing.  I’m learning to detach from my intrusive thoughts and I really like your idea about sending them down a chute to the center of the earth for safe keeping.  I’m so grateful that your approach… and I’m grateful to have this experience!” – C.D. 

“Loved last night! Best class ever!  Thank you so much- can’t wait for next week!”

“Thank you!  Thank you for the wonderful meditation and class I finally got to experience. I’ve been putting it off for so long…!  You are amazing at what you do. You explained this process so well, and I believe you made it comfortable for all, especially the new to get a grasp on what this is really all about…this amazing connection that we can have with what seems so far out of reach.” –P.D.  

“Beth- Thank you again, I can’t say it enough how grateful I am for this experience!!  Thank you for the instruction about how to connect deeper with angels and guides-  I never thought I could learn so much in 4 weeks- I have been practicing and it works. I feel calmer, more centered, and have gotten help and guidance MANY times from them!  You are such a blessing Beth!” —D.J.

Hi Beth, I so enjoyed the Angels & Guide workshop the other night I am learning a lot! I had an uncanny connection after our class. I have been looking for a bag of my jewelry that needed to be repaired for a couple of weeks now.  I asked my guardian angel to help me find the bag I found it within two minutes. I just had a feeling & I was drawn to it. Thank you for your knowledge, guidance, compassion, and kindness.” -j.j.

“Hi Beth- I thanked the angels for allowing me to feel my Mothers presence and I did! Only one other time during meditation did I feel her there and that was a few years ago. It was pure energy, which was a new feeling for me. I think the key was asking for presence, not a sign or sight or anything that I needed to over think. Thank you! Super interesting, love that there is always something new to learn from you💗. 

Dear Beth- Have to share this. After the last meditation I opened my eyes and looked across the room. Blinked several times to make sure what I was seeing wasn’t my just refocusing. A white misty fog surrounded the woman just to the right of the large decal on the wall As I continued to watch the mist enveloped half the decal then drifted back a little. Assuring me I was seeing an Angel. For a second o allowed my fear to step in but as quickly as hat happened I embraced I am safe and this is pure love.” – B.B.

Wonderful class Beth!   Thank you so much for sharing all your gifts with us, I hadn’t realized you were so intuitive!.   It was really special and I’m looking forward to the rest of the classes:)))” – K. M.

“I just need to gush about the class so far Great energy in the room last night just sitting and breathing I felt the energy on my legs and we hadn’t even started yet The Arch angel Michael mediations was something I’ve never experienced before I felt his warmth when you began – when I first released my limiting thought my right ear began to ring it was liberating to cut the ties of old words and beliefs I was feeling the pain the built up belief across my back right under my bra strap but again once instructed to release I was able to sit up straight and felt no pain for the rest of the mediation ( not bad considering I did a big leg,butt and squat workout in the morning needless to say I was sore coming into class) The most interesting thing was at the end when I was repeating all the things that I AM tears were streaming down my face like a lot…. that’s never happened before wondering your take on it Michael is one I’d like to have a daily conversation with.Thank you for guidance thank you for sharing your learnings thank you thank you thank you Have a blessed day!” -S.S.