Meditation For Everyone

with Beth Miller, LCSW-R, CEC
Every Tuesday Evening
7:30-8:30 pm
April 7- May 26, 2020
Anyone Can Learn How to Feel Positive, Peaceful + Powerful with the Right Meditation Tools!

“Honestly, I didn’t expect this class to be this good.
I thought it would just be learning some breathing.
But instead, it has caused me to look at life totally differently.
I feel like my eyes were opened and now I’m awake, happier, more aware of how to think to feel good. I have strategies now to keep myself “aligned” , as you say, lol. You remind us that this is our LIFE and that we can feel good even when life is imperfect.”- C.W.

You’ve wanted to learn how to meditate, how to manage your stress,
or how to shift that monkey mind of yours. Well, here’s a fun, peaceful, awesome class that teaches the basics and way beyond!

Meditation is truly accessible to everyone…
and this workshop helps both beginners and regular meditators enhance their practice. Why not start the week off feeling relaxed, centered, and in control of your inner world?

“Your voice… perfect for guided meditation, the warmth of you, the other participants, meditation is very powerful. It needs to be a daily ritual. You are amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you!” J.H.

1) A Spiritual Concept that creates deeper happiness and shifts the paradigm of life
2) An easy Breathing Technique to eliminate stress and enable relaxation
3) A Mindfulness Skill to bring you back into your power and peace
4) An “Off The Mat” tool to re- align you throughout the day
5) A longer guided meditation to create peaceful content feeling

“This workshop is taking the time out for yourself to devote to slowing down in a beautiful, peaceful environment. I love the space, Beth’s voice, the variety of methods taught. Beth has more knowledge than she has time to share, she is open & accessible…I love her follow up emails.” L.P.

– The essentials of how to meditate effectively
– The breathing tricks needed to relieve anxiety and stress in minutes
– How to take control of the wild horse of your mind
– How to use meditation to manifest the life you really want
– How to rewire your brain and body from stressful, negative patterns
– How to heal your body and other people with visualization and meditation
– The easiest ways to create a lasting and effective spiritual practice
– How to connect with healing light, love, energy, and angels

“Beth thank you! I look forward to this all week!
The Meditation Room is so peaceful and relaxing- the music, smell, your voice, and whole environment just relaxes me immediately. And the way you teach makes so much sense- I love learning so many different skills. I like the breathing exercises at the beginning, and all the teaching you do about manifesting and compassion and letting go. And then the longer meditation at the end is awesome. Thanks for recording them and sending them to us after!”- J.T.

Here’s a sample of one of the longer meditations we did at the end of class.

Every Tuesday Evening
TEACHER:  Beth Miller, LCSW-R, CEC

TIME:  7:30 – 8:30 pm

TUITION: Choose below to register:
PACKAGE 1: Weeks 1 – 4    April 7, 14, 21, 28 2020   •  $79
PACKAGE 2: Weeks 5 – 8    May 5, 12. 19, 26  2020   •  $79

To get the most out of this workshop series, it’s best to attend ALL 8 weeks.  The material is cumulative and each week will build upon the last.  By attending all 8 weeks, you will develop your meditation muscles and create a real meditation practice!   However, if you can only attend weeks 1-4 or 5-8, you will still gain a lot of skill and meditation experience 🙂


“Hi Beth, I just wanted to Thank you for the wonderful meditation classes I have been attending. It truly has helped me so much and on so many levels, as well as being an enlightening spiritual experience and gift. You are truly gifted and a blessing. I have been using so many techniques that you taught and it really is helpful on a daily basis. So grateful to be a part of jt all.”- K.N. 

“I love the meditation class!  The room is so beautiful and relaxing.  The tools are great.  The meditation in the end makes me feel so much better.”- M.J. 

“Beth is a wonderful teacher & her meditation skills are top notch. Makes everyone comfortable about learning” ~ MaryAnne P.

“The strategies helped me improve my anxiety & be aware of my thoughts & constant negative mindset. Beth is very knowledgeable – I love when she provided personal anecdotes that I related and helped me further my meditation practice.” ~ Lori C.

“I’ve been learning how to be in a non-judgemental space to accept that this is in fact a process and that however it goes is ok – I also enjoy the stories and the learning about the process.  Beth is amazing! You’re informative, personal, real, and funny. I look forward to seeing you all week! You are always prepared – interested in how we feel and I appreciate the “after care” emails and audios.” ~ Jenny B.“A great workshop to give you strategies to create the type of life you wish to obtain.  It is inspiring to be taught something that can help you go forward… visualize and make it your reality!” ~ Anna W.

“Helped me focus more on myself and what I do…” ~ Jeff C.

“Beth’s voice is calm and loving. I felt safe with her… very sweet and understanding” ~ Lily M.

“I learned how to acknowledge the negative energy feelings and then let them go and turn it into positive energy. Beth is very knowledgeable. I appreciate focusing on the positive mindset because that is something I practice everyday.” ~ Sarah D.

“It relieves a lot of stress and is very helpful. When you find yourself in a very stressful situation, you can handle it differently. ” ~ Jennifer B.

“It is a great introduction to meditation. Learning various breathing exercised in addition to the guided meditations that was extremely helpful. Beth is extremely knowledgeable & made it easy to apply to our individual lives. Her voice itself was a calming presence and helped me relax.” ~ Grace H.

“Your voice… perfect for guided meditation, the warmth of you, the other participants, meditation is very powerful. It needs to be a daily ritual. You are amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ John H.

“The workshop was amazing and extremely helpful! I liked the feeling of peace from the guided meditation to never give up, keep trying, & hold no judgement. You were amazing Beth, as always!” ~ Sophia D.

“The class was informative to anyone who is new to meditation, it was a stress free and fun series and it helped to get insight to what meditation can do. I liked that I was able to learn the tools to be positive. Beth made meditation easy to understand. She was patient and inviting.” ~Jacob M.

“This provides a good introduction to different types of meditations and Beth has a nice way of making the teachings relatable. She is very knowledgeable and has a soothing voice, she adds humor to keep her teachings interesting.” ~ Maryann J.

“This workshop is taking the time out for yourself to devote to slowing down in a beautiful, peaceful environment. I love the space, Beth’s voice, the variety of methods taught. Beth has more knowledge than she has time to share, she is open & accessible… I love her follow up emails.” ~ Liz P.

“These workshops provide you with a foundation and understanding of how to develop a regular meditation practice. I liked calming my mind and the positive warmth I felt. I learned to channel my thinking in a more positive way. Beth is an excellent leader and is very good at teaching this practice. She is calm and funny and makes everyone feel comfortable.” ~ Jenny A.

“I enjoyed the meditation and the interaction with Beth. I really liked the manifestation aspect & to start the day with it.” ~ Dan L.

“I would definitely recommend this to a friend. It is an hour a week to focus on yourself!” ~ Alice C.

“…being with like-minded people. I learned how to breath properly, let go of my thoughts in various ways & bring peace into my life.” ~George K.

“I highly recommend the entire series. Allows you to focus your mind and gain ways to get in touch with yourself. I learned to sit quietly with my thoughts and slow my mind down.” ~ Emma T.


Each week you will come into our relaxing meditation room, find a seat in one of the Back Jack chairs, and be guided into a centering breathing exercise.  After that, Beth will teach about the “concept” for the evening, i.e. letting go, happiness, perfect health.  She then has everyone practice several meditation and mindfulness techniques to help deepen this concept.  As everyone practices being more centered, she then invites questions and answers.  This is then followed by a longer, relaxing meditation that ends the evening.  

Because everyone learns differently, AND there are so many ways to meditate and be mindful, each week you will learn 3-4 different tools to help you find what works best for you.
This is far more than a class to learn a few breathing strategies.
It’s a rich and dynamic mix of teaching, practice, and relaxing.

The “spiritual” concepts Beth teaches help you change your thinking and belief system.  These discussions create a paradigm shift, inviting you become more compassionate, joyful, content, intuitive, creative, abundant, trusting, free of the past, and in the moment.
You will learn more about energy, how to be in the flow of life, and to intentionally manifest by using the meditation tools.