There was a time when I wasn’t able to hear or feel my spiritual guides very clearly. Over the years, my ability to receive messages from them has improved so dramatically that I am simply tickled by their presence.

My clients are usually very interested in improving their ability to connect with the beings of light that are working with them. Remember that your guides are with you even if you haven’t developed a keen sense of being able to be aware of them. Here’s are some great ways to strengthen your skills at connecting with your personal spiritual team:

Ask To Become A More Perceptive, Psychic Person: One thing I did years ago was to start envisioning actually being a more psychic person. I so badly wanted to help my clients in a deeper, faster way that I started envisioning myself having more intuitive skills. Within a few years, my psychic abilities in session magnified exponentially. I was always perceptive and somewhat intuitive, but now I am able to hear the collaboration of my guides with those of my clients, to get very accurate data about what is happening or needs to happen, and to feel angels and guides in my energy field. I can taste foods that have meaning to my clients, I get symbols and images that demonstrate what they need to do next, and I hear words and instructions to guide them. This ability grew as I envisioned more and more clearly how I wanted to help others- and will work for you too (in your own way) if you start making it a part of your desires.

Say HEllO To Your Guides And Angels: I’m amazed at how easy this is for me now. I say Hello and they answer me back! To practice this, simply say Hi to your spiritual guides and notice what you feel next. Do you get the chills over your body? Do your ears ring? Does it feel like someone is playing with your hair? This is what happens to me when I simply acknowledge my guides and can for you, too. Talk to them and then BE STILL. This will enable you to feel their vibration on you. Remember, they function on a higher vibration, so you will feel their frequency in these ways.

Pay Attention To How They Have Been Speaking To You: Chances are, your spiritual team has been talking to you in your ear forever- but you have been ignoring them or tuning them out. What repeated messages have been whispered around you? Is there a message about something that you need to do or change that you have been swatting away? Do you hear a small voice telling you to get off sugar or alcohol, repeating to you to buy a particular book to help you get on top of your finances, or prompting you to go sit and meditate? Often, this voice is the loving guidance of your guides and not just in your head. Remember, your guides are looking out for you and trying to nudge you to serve your highest self. It is their mission to work with you to enable your soul to reach its highest level of enlightenment.

Ask For Help Like This: Your guides can jump in best when you allow them to do what they do best- that is, to serve and help you in all ways. Ask them for everything, all the time, everyday to improve your communication with them. Can’t find your keys? Your patience? A store? A good idea? Ask, ask, ask. Say “Thank you angels for helping me find my keys” or “Guides please help me with this project” and you will see the assistance you need show up in one form or another. You can even yell it like how I did when my car was barreling backwards down a huge icy hill last year and I had no breaks or control. As soon as I yelled “Angel please help me!!!” my car was brought to a stop in a snow drift. Thank you angels, thank you angels. Did I mention to thank them a lot for their help to deepen your constant communication with them?

Tell me all about your experiences with your angels and guides- and also how you are developing more communication with them!

Beth Miller is the creator of Modern Intuitive Therapy, combing the very best of psychotherapy, life coaching, energy healing, science, and spirituality.  Her practice, Positive Energy Counseling Center, in Bayport, New York and works worldwide with clients. 
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