Super-Spiritual Fixes To Make Miracles Out Of Your Challenges


Routinely connecting in with love simply yields all- over  better results in every areas of life.  And because the more we do this, the more traction we create,  frequent visits with our highest self will enable a more loving, successful, wise  automatic us.  A spiritual practice is called a practice for exactly that reason-  its just giving new methods that are love-based a whirl over and over again.  And without the rituals or habits of connecting in with this truth and wisdom, we can and will only regurgitate our patters and beliefs from the past. We asked “Autopilot or consciousness?  Autopilot will get you good results, consciousness the fabulousness  you really are seeking.

In the workshop we also remembered why enlightenment is a totally reasonable goal: because it simply means bringing the light and power of love to the darker parts of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Big life results occur any moment  we add in a small spiritual practices.  Enlightenment, thank goodness, happens any moment we choose light as the way.

I asked you to Answer The Call Of Your Highest Self. How?  By maximizing your talents and diving into your challenges. And its your spiritual practice that can help you do just that.

As we appreciate just how uniquely powerful your own special lives are, we realize we are constantly being called to rise and grow.  Your strengths, talents, the things you care about and light you up, are part of your “calling” in this world- they are your unique contribution, the way you are blessed and how you can bless others.  The question is: are you using them to your fullest?

Similarly, you challenges are also your “calling”- whatever is hard in your life, what stinks about you, what you struggle with, where you are blocked- is exactly your opportunity to use love and light to transcend.  What you suffer with is your welcome mat into a better life if you say YES, instead of hating your problems, resisting them, denying them.  When you enlighten these issues, you grow spiritually, and life becomes easier, more peaceful, more meaningful, and WAY MORE SUCCESSFUL.

Every single thing that is occurring in your world is an opportunity to become more united with the truth of your life-  you are made of love and light, you create best when you are linked with this love, you are magnificent beyond measure, and there is a flow that you can enter that will allow your life to be greater, grander, sweeter, richer in all ways.

join me in saying YES to it ALL-
the good, the bad, and the ugly…and we will create miracles.


During the workshop I invited everyone to tell me their challenges, so that I could suggest at least one spiritual practice  to transcend it.  Some of you were so brave and you spoke up.  Thank goodness- your challenges represent all of ours-  as we have all struggled with similar issues. Here are some MORE ideas about what spiritual fixes can be used to transform impatience, a wild mind, and feeling unsure of what steps to take forward in a job or otherwise.

Jane asked how she could be more patient with her child. Because we are choosing to see her impatience as a gift, the goal is to apply a spiritual practice of love to it, which will cause it to transform.

I asked Jane what makes her impatient.  She said the “to-do list”.  I followed that up by a wondering if everything on the list really needs to get done, or if it is so full because she puts non-essential items on it.? Filling up space and time with constant stuff to do is often a habit. However, life  does truly require a lot of action steps.   I asked her to eliminate what is non-essential, and make sure joy and presence is on the list instead.

I also asked Jane to create a new narrative for herself, letting go of the well-rehearsed “oh my gosh I have sooo much to do “ mantra that most of us get embroiled in when we are overwhelmed.  I suggested that she instead start her day with the intention to “be” and “feel” how she actually desires.  For instance, after she wakes up say: “Good morning life, thank you bed, thank you warm home.  I am so grateful today for all of the patience and peace I feel today.  My child and I have a smooth, easy morning, I am efficient and present, we laugh and enjoy each other.  Thank you for such a beautiful day.”

Here are some other suggestions for Jane, and the rest of you, to have more patience and presence with someone in your life:

  • While meditating or when going to sleep, create a connection of pink light from your heart to your child, or another person.  Repeat words like “I love you.  I am present with you.  You are so loved.  All is well” as you send this light to this person. This will create harmonious energy between you and assure the other of your unconditional love. You can create this heart connection throughout the day as well.
  • Get your own energy right. Before interacting, decide how you will “be” with this other person.  Usually our mood is already decided before interacting, and the other person simply triggers the impatience and stress within us.  If you want to be calm and fun, decide “I am going to be calm and fun this afternoon” before dealing them.
  • When you have already become triggered by another person and are being impatient, remove yourself and decide to close your mouth until you have re-regulated your interior space.  Find peace before you interact again by breathing 10 times and repeat the word love in your mind.
  • When you have become triggered into impatience, look into the EYES of  the other person and ask yourself if you desire to cause them fear.  If not, repeat the words “love love love love love” in your mind until the crisis of impatience passes.  Thank the other our loud  for being your teacher.
  • Buy a bell, Tibetan singing bowl, or fun music CD. When things are getting stressed, ring the bell or press play on a song to “reset” the vibration.
  • Slow down.  Impatience thrives on a frenetic energy.  Slow down or sit still temporarily to actually get MORE done in a HAPPIER state of mind.
  • Forgive yourself.  Parenting and life can be super hard.  That’s why we need our spiritual practice.  Self care is essential, it enables patience to occur.

DEBBIE TOLD US HER CHALLENGE ABOUT WORK.   She wanted to know how to “work part-time but make a full-time salary”.  Because we are choosing to see her work issue as a gift, the goal is to apply a spiritual practice of love to it, which will cause it to transform.  I asked her to look at the list that she had just written of her “talents, strengths, and gifts.”  I suggested she start there-  that our gifts and interests are often the surest way to make a living using what we naturally love to do.  She was also  given journaling questions to help her begin to maximize her talents.

Here are even more suggestions that she- and you- can take to get clarity about the next step in your job or create a career filled with what you want:

  • Write a new vision statement describing your ideal job or way to spend your day. Read it daily. Make sure your thoughts and feelings are not focused on what you actually DON’T want.
  • Ask yourself what you would be doing with your time if you didn’t need money at all-  how would you contribute to the world, serve others, or use your talents if you didn’t need money? Ask yourself what does the world need?  (This question will often connect you to what you love doing the most….and then to the ways you can do it to earn money.)
  • Walk and give thanks:  everyday take a walk and repeat the words “Thank you so much for my amazing life’s work.  Thank you for my full time salary and my part time hours.  Thank you so much for the ideas, the courage, the capability to have such a perfect job.” After your walk, write the ideas down right away that came to you while you walked.
  • Read The Artists Way and do The Morning Pages every day.  This is a sure fire way to connect with ideas and creativity.
  • Love your fear.  There is a great chance you already know what you can do to move forward into a better career arrangement, but you are scared.  It’s ok-  this is perfect for your spiritual practice. “Thank you fear, I love you and I also trust the process of life, I trust myself, I trust the flow.”  When opportunities knock, say YES even if you’re scared. Remember that you life is short and your soul is big,-make the most of your time here!

RACHEL’S CHALLENGE WAS HER RELENTLESSLY BUSY MIND.  Because we are choosing to see her busy, non-present mind as a gift, the goal is to apply a spiritual practice of love to it, which will cause it to transform.  We will make her monkey mind her friend.  Rachel said that even while sitting in the workshop she couldn’t stop thinking about what she needed to do next. As a result, she was missing out on life, always living in the next moment, losing the sweetness of the now.  I suggested she use her body to pull her mind back into the moment.

Here is how to use this skill- to occupy the mind with the details of the present moment- so that you are “here now” and also some other suggestions to tame the wild monkey mind:

  • When your mind is not in the now, ask yourself and describe in detail
    -“What do I see  right now around me?, ” “What do I smell?” , “What do I feel?” “What can I taste?”  “What do I hear?”  This will align you with the moment, gently yanking your thoughts into the only time and space that matters.
  • Breathe to create a column of light:  When the mind is going crazy, your breath can become your focus instead. Breath is visceral, it is physical, it creates space and opens the body back up when it has become tightened by thought. It is also energetic, it aligns your center (your core) with its highest self.  Take a breath in and imagine it “straightening” you out, creating a column of light that reaches through your feet and also travels up through the crown of your head.  The column of breath/light connects you into the stable earth energy, aligns your body, and then connect with The Divine though your crown.  Keep breathing into this column of light within you.
  • Consider your thoughts your spiritual practice.  Love them and they will soften.  When you mind is active and you want it to quiet, tell it to do so.  Say: I love my thoughts, I love my thoughts.  Thoughts I love you and I ask you now to be focused on this moment.  I love this moment. I love this moment. Remind yourself that all is well in the present moment.  Repeat this over and over.

Tell me your challenges and I will email you with some ideas, or even make a blog post out of it- anonymously of course!
Wishing you peace in all ways, Beth

Beth Miller, LCSW-R, CEC, CAHC is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Life Coach, energy healer, meditation teacher, and spiritual counselor in private practice in Bayport, Long Island, New York, USA. She is the owner of the group practice POSITIVE ENERGY Holistic Counseling & Institute where she and her fabulous team of therapists use the breakthrough model Advanced Holistic Counseling & Coaching™ to create transformational change in their clients. Beth is the creator of the trademarked Advanced Holistic Counseling & Coaching™: Modern therapy that combines the very best of traditional psychotherapy with life coaching, energy healing, science, and spirituality. Now, Licensed Therapists, Healers, and Coaches can learn how to experience huge transformation in themselves, their clients, and their careers by becoming Certified in Advanced Holistic Counseling & Coaching™.  For free holistic and psychotherapy tools, visit the POSITIVE ENERGY Holistic Counseling & Institute YouTube channel, or contact us directly via phone at 631-533-0708 or email at